About My Work

I work with fine silver, copper, bronze and steel clay to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Working with metal clay feels a bit like a creative chemistry experiment—some aspects can be controlled, but others not.   My aesthetic focus is to find new ways to bring out and enhance natural patinas, to create mixed metal (silver, copper, and bronze and steel) pieces, to combine new techniques and art forms into my work. I began exploring new mediums such as polymer clay and glass to complement my metal work

Not long ago, I started thinking about that huge stash of beautiful beads that I’d acquired before I became hooked on MetalClay.  I’d always loved working with color but hadn’t found a satisfying way to meld the two mediums so the beads and cabs languished on the sidelines.  When the “ah hah” moment arrived, I was enchanted. My first metal clay necklace incorporated silver with huge Vintage Lucite beads.  It turned out that I could create something that had “all the essential ingredients” and still looked bold and contemporary.  I loved the possibilities but I needed to “own” the beads. Enter the world of PolymerClay.

I’m waiting to see where it takes me and meanwhile, I’m loving it all…

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